Key Features

Online Giving

Using our flexible external linking, you no longer need to point your church to another app to do their giving. You Belong can link out directly to your church’s page on Secure Give, Push Pay or Planning Center Giving.

Daily Bible Reading

Utilizing the ESV daily scripture tools, your congregation can use the You Belong app to read through the Bible in a year.

Location Information

You Belong includes mapping functionality to show all your locations, complete with addresses and directions. Having a special event in a rented space? You can even add that new location to the Directions page temporarily, providing one master source of location information to your members.

Message Notes

Your congregation’s place for weekly message notes. Using this feature, you can instantly increase your attendees’ interaction with your key points and allows them to save all their notes to one place.

Digital Attendance

Subscribing to digital attendance tracking allows your congregation to use the You Belong app to check in at service, sign up for new events and submit prayer requests.

Links to Partners and Resources

Using You Belong’s linking frameworks, you can build any number of custom links for your attendees, from organizations you support, to external volunteer management tools and social media platforms.

Our Mission

At You Belong, our goal is to provide you and your congregation with the tools to communicate and grow effectively. We strive with every line of code to build a truly wonderful user experience that maintains the highest quality, while remaining affordable to even the most modest of church budgets.

We believe with all our heart that this tool can help churches grow and interact with their community. If there’s a tool we’ve missed, we’d love to hear your feedback. Here’s a couple great notes we’ve received from our first church adopters:

“The app makes me pay attention in church. Before You Belong, my ADD tended to get the better of me. Nevermind that my brother-in-law is the pastor, I still couldn’t focus! Now, with the You Belong app, I’m fully engaged and participating in service every week. Even better, my kids love it!” – JN, Center Church San Diego

“Shortly after we launched the app, I was taking my kids home from Sunday services and my oldest was very excited to share with me about the cool new app she’d found for Center Church! While I was directly involved in the direction and content of the You Belong app, it was wonderful to hear the next generation whole-heartedly adopting the new platform.” – Marcus Jones, Pastor of Center Church San Diego

We think that if you give You Belong a try, you’ll be just as sold as these guys were. The days where having a website was enough are over. Tech-savvy young churchgoers are demanding a real app experience and a way to interact with and share your content. You Belong is the remedy to that need, sign your church up today!

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